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Acne Skin Care Products And Treatments

It wasn't that long ago when acne (Zits) was considered a curse for the many individuals that suffer from this problem; but there are now many treatments available which can help the condition so it is more bearable. It is one of those areas where research has continued to make advancements; the result of this effort is new, more effective, treatments are becoming available. We can classify skin care products for acne into 3 broad categories: * Drugstore or Internet: Preventative medication * Over-the-Counter: Treatments for conditions that do not require prescription * Prescription: Issued for specialized medication from a doctor etc. Those that fall into the preventative category are based around general skin conditioning to help stop acne from forming; this sector deals with skin creams, lotions and cleansers that can help stop the problem. This is a market where many people use this type of product every day to condition their skin; many use these products to protect their skin from the environment even if they do not have the acne condition. Some of these products are designed to act like an acne skin care product and act against the causes of this complaint; they ensure the facial pores (and other areas) remain free of oil.

Excess oil needs to be stopped from clogging the pores as this oil make it easier for bacteria to grow, exacerbating the condition. Exfoliation skin peels have proved quite effective as a skin care treatment and at controlling the problem; these can be bought easily over the counter or on the internet. Dead skin cells and other atmospheric pollutants are removed cleaning the pores which reduce the chance of any bacterial growth.

The growth of the skin care market has allowed even more specialized acne skin care products to be available without the need to visit the doctor. These formulations contain the chemical benzoyl peroxide and the naturally occurring salicylic acid; these ingredients are used to remove the additional oil in the pores of the skin. Therefore, there are a variety of very decent Toners And Cleansers For Acne readily available to buy off the shelf.

It is often a good idea to start with a product that has lower concentration of benzoyl peroxide (e.g. 5 percent) to see how the skin responds; should a reaction occur, products containing alpha hydroxy acid are generally safer. It might just be a case of trial and error to find an acne skin care product that works; if finding something that works is proving difficult, your dermatologist should be able to help. On-prescription treatments are prescribed by a dermatologist and can include ointments that can be applied on the affected area or oral antibiotics or just any topical ointment.

Under certain circumstances, having the infected material removed from the pores under a local anesthetic may be suggested by your dermatologist; specialists never recommend the sufferer tries this themselves as it can cause permanent skin damage. An alternative that has been shown to work well is hormone therapy; this type of skin care treatment has been very effective in many cases. Finally, if you would like a more expensive, but highly reviewed treatment, you may want to opt for Acne Laser Surgery. This should be investigated before you commit to it and you must certainly find a reputable company with a good name first.

Tackling and stopping acne is not the problem it once was and if treated properly, permanently marked skin does not have to occur.

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