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All about Inline Skating

What should I look for when I buy inline skates?
A frequently asked question and answer about what the beginner needs to know when purchasing a pair of inline skates for the first time. The FAQ points the skater to a before you buy inline skates, which contains information about inline skate manufacturers, brands, and sizing for comfort and fit.

Skating Tips, Rollerblade Tricks, and Moves

So, you'd like to try some of those fancy tricks you see people doing?  You'd be surprised at how easy many of them are, and given some time to practice the move and enough effort, you'll soon be pretty competent.

Learning from a book/web page is never as easy as being shown how to do the trick, but providing you spend a little time analysing the break down of each move as shown here in these tutorials, you can learn the move.

General Safety Tips
A discussion about rollerblading safety with a number of general inline skating tips for all inline skaters.

Tricks, Tips, and Moves

How to skate in the rain We get lots of rain in the UK!
How to skate on rough ground Top tips to make it across and reduce your chances of falling
How to skate up hills Just about everyone finds this hard!
Top ten gumbie skating mistakes The top mistakes made by beginner skaters - all ones to avoid!
How to stop on Inline Skates using a Heel Brake Detailed techniques, photos and a short video demonstrating how to learn this most essential skill. 
How to Skate on Bridges
Rollerblading safety is of prime importance to inline skaters of all levels. This how-to offers three tactics and three tips that skaters can pull out of their tool box and put to use when they encounter wooden bridges with deep ruts, wide grooves, and/or an abrupt, vertical rise at the entrance.

Fitness and Exercise Articles summary

The subtleties and beauty of the speedskating stride
Inline Skating Fitness -- The Caloric Burn
An article about rollerblading benefits and inline skating fitness with a comparison of the number of rollerblading calories burned during a typical skate versus the number of rollerblading calories consumed after a long, distance skate at a faster pace, and with a sprint at the end.

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