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Advice for Beginners

For those of you who are new to riding you may have some questions about getting started. You may want to know about the ins and outs of training, how to ride your new bike, or even getting started after a long sabbatical. Here is some advice from those of us who have been around the block a few times.

1. "My best advice is to wear a helmet, watch traffic and have fun."

2. "Learn to drink water when you ride. It's a skill worth building."

3. "Invest in a decent pair of biking shorts or tights with a seamless chamois. My first ride was 14 miles in regular athletic clothing over cotton underwear (ouch). My next ride was the same distance in proper shorts right next to the skin- what a difference! Well worth the money."

4. "Don't spend too much time watching the racing team in your area.

Ride for fun and fitness!"

5. "Be alert when riding. Cars and pedestrians are everywhere!"

6. "Be patient! Resist the temptation to ride a zillion miles right away! You'll only make yourself sore and possibly turn yourself off as far as biking is concerned."

7. "Ride a bike that fits you. Nothing hurts more than pulling yourself off of a bike made for a man (or woman), someone taller, etc. Your bike should fit you. They can check that at a bike club meeting or your local bike store."

8. "Start slow gradually increasing average speed and distance as your fitness improves."

9. "When you fall - get back up, lick your wounds and ride again."

10. "Most of all, HAVE FUN!"

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