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When you were a kid you probably saw other kids doing fun stunts or tricks like popping wheelies. You may associate this with a bike stunt and nothing more. The truth is that these bike stunts are great skills to have when riding a bike. Here are the basics for learning these bike tricks for use in your own personal cycling.

When beginning to learn this stunt, I recommend trying it on a softer surface like grass. Protective gear isn't a bad idea though.


  1. Start out riding in a low gear at an easy pace.
  2. Bring your weight backwards to where your rear wheel is centered on the ground.
  3. While pulling sharply back on the handlebars, push down on the pedals. This will lift your wheel off the ground. If you don't pull hard enough your wheel won't rise or will drop immediatley back down.

    This does take some practice.

  4. To drop your wheelie, simply move forward with your weight back onto your seat.


Bunny Hop
This is used for jumping small obstacles in your path. It is great for road cycling or mountain biking.


  1. While on level ground and riding slowly come out of the saddle. While standing you want to keep your pedals even to each other.
  2. Keeping your weight off the back wheel, push down on the pedals and handlebar and then pull both up smoothly. Your bike will rise sharply and smoothly, returning fairly quickly to the ground.

Log Hop
For larger obstacles, you can use this stunt to help you prevent damage to your bike or person.


  1. This doesn't vary too much from a wheelie, except that it's done at a faster pace and for differing reasons. So go more quickly and pull back on the handlebars to lift them, like the wheelie.
  2. As you reach the other side of the obstacle, push back on the pedals and lean forward with your weight.
  3. As your front wheel clears the obstacle, your rear wheel will rise to clear the obstacle. If you do this right, neither wheel will actually touch the obstacle.
  4. Once the front wheel is down, begin pedaling to help you clear the obstacle.

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