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Increasing Your Speed

Not everyone who rides a bike has a desire to be a great racer, nor even on the racing team. However, there are benefits to increasing your speed, such as working at your maximum effort for maximum benefit in your exercise routine.

There are two main ways to improve your speed. The first is to develop the ability to quickly accelerate to a high rate of speed. To do this you need to work on speed at least once a week. After your warmup try several all-out rides at top speed, intertwined with slower riding for full recovery.

Intervals are your other options. Here, after warm up, you will ride at top speed for a specific amount of time, usually 30 - 90 seconds. Then you will follow that with 30-60 seconds of slower riding to recover partially. Do this several times, then do a cool down before getting off your bike.

Both of these also work well on your trainer, so don't neglect these during the colder months.

These little exercises can really help you improve your riding skills and speed. You will be able to keep up with riders during club rides, and to take on the little climbs of life.

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