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Do You Know How To Have Beautiful Skin

The older you are, the more important it is to get started with a quality skin care regimen right away. Here is three things you can do to make your skin start looking beautiful today. Use these 3 Simple Steps Everyday 1.

Cleanse Daily - but gently. Too many professional skin care products strip your facial skin of the natural elements it needs to keep your skin soft and supple. Using a mild cleanser with a very light, delicate scent that won't leave your face feeling tight and dry after washing is a basic way to leave you glowing all day. 2. Exfoliate Your Face Daily - Many exfoliating products can be too harsh to use daily, but there are many excellent products that give you gentle exfoliating for your face that can be used daily. There are some great natural skin care products that are used at night before bed, which not only exfoliate the grime and pollution of the day from your delicate facial skin, they also moisturize, soften, and supplement your body's collagen and antioxidant production.

3. Moisturize Daily - Use a dry skin care anti aging lotion each morning after cleansing. Excellent high quality moisturizers not only replace vital moisture in your face that leaves it feeling very soft and smooth, but it will also supplement the antioxidants your skin needs to stay looking healthy and young. If you use an SPF of 25, it will also help protect your face from sun damage throughout the day.

This moisturizer goes on with a wonderfully light feeling, and you'll actually start seeing results from it within minutes. More facial skin care tips on how to have beautiful skin Most cleansers, makeup, and other beauty products are full of harsh synthetic chemicals that may be harmful to skin. Natural solutions for healthy skin care are better for you, support a cleaner environment and natural techniques work at least as well. Essential oils are some of nature's best helpers in almost every aspect of health. Many times more potent than dried herbs, essential oils contain all the healing properties of a plant in a very concentrated form.

For this reason, they are best used in tiny amounts and are often diluted for skin care. Sea salt is the world's most mineral-rich exfoliant. The minerals in sea water are known to nourish and heal skin.

The same minerals can be found in unprocessed, mineral-rich sea salt, and the coarseness of salt makes it a perfect exfoliant. Try the following whole-body sea salt scrub. - 1 Cup Sea Salt - 2 Tablespoons Apricot or Almond Oil - 5-6 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil 1. Put salt in a bowl and add the oils. 2.

Mix well. 3. Store in covered container until ready to use. This recipe is best used in the shower after washing. Rub a small handful of the salt scrub all over your body in brisk circular motions. Afterwards, use a moisturizing anti aging skin care product.

Fatty oils restore skin's moisture and flexibility. Part of the benefit of the salt scrub recipe is the apricot or almond oil it contains, which leaves a nice glow and moisture in the skin. Using an oil cleansing method, surprisingly, is a simple and effective way to clean your face.

Using olive oil, castor oil, and hot water leaves a lasting glow. Fatty vegetable oils can be used as moisturizers, makeup remover, cleansers if you want to stay all natural. Do you know how to have beautiful skin? In summary it's not enough to get a facial to keep your skin clear and beautiful. You need to have a great home skin-care routine.

1. Get a professional facial to deep cleanse your skin at least four times a year, as the seasons change. Every 4-6 weeks is ideal. 2.

Throw away the soap and use quality skin care products that are right for your skin type. 3. Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days and in the winter. Use a good quality, high-SPF sunscreen. Sun damage is the single most important cause of premature aging.

4. Cut out skin-damaging habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and tanning booths.

John Russell of IH Distribution, LLC brings you health, anti-aging and skin care products from around the world. Find fabulous skin care tips and great articles on a wide range of topics for women at our Skin Care Blog and


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