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Gil Lederman on NonInvasive Cancer Treatment

Gil Lederman on Sophisticated Radiation Treatment Patients ask, "How is Body Radiosurgery Performed?" Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery at Radiosurgery New York is based upon years of experience by our physicians who have treated thousands with Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Also participating are radiologists, pathologists, medical oncologists as well as surgeons and statisticians to make a truly multi-disciplinary specialty Body Radiosurgery group at Radiosurgery New York. Techniques developed and refined by our experts reliably stabilize the body painlessly and non-invasively with an external frame of reference.

This allows cancer localization for computerized treatment planning. Fine cut imaging techniques are performed with the patient in the Stereotactic Body Frame to define the tumor in relation to this external stereotactic frame of reference. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) helps shape the beam, but is only a part of our innovative approach at Radiosurgery New York. Each patient undergoing Body Radiosurgery has a custom made immobilization device to ensure precise set-up position and tumor localization. Once the tumor is localized, physicians, physicists and dosimetrists using state-of-the-art dedicated computers select beams of radiation tightly tailored to attack the cancer while attempting to minimize adverse effects on the normal, healthy surrounding tissues.

Other technology devoted to these principles does not have the experience or track record that we offer. This three-dimensional Stereotactic Radiosurgery is part of our daily armamentarium. Conformal radiation does not have this degree of sophistication nor these results.

Ours is a technique with which we are most comfortable and perform every day for patients who come from around the block, country and throughout the world. After the stereotactic body frame is custom fitted for each patient, multiple quality assurance steps verify and re-verify the accuracy and precision of Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery. High-resolution CT and/or MRI scans with the patient in the fiducial-marked Stereotactic Body frame are performed to facilitate our skilled staff's ability to localize the cancer and perform Body Radiosurgery. Our scanners, also, are state-of-the-art to best define sites of disease. We work shoulder to shoulder with highly trained board certified radiologists to confirm radiographic findings.

Fiducial markers located within the stereotactic frame help precisely guide us to the target. Once we are confident of the precision of Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery for each patient, Body Radiosurgery is performed. The stereotactic frame helps hold the patient securely and focuses the beam while IMRT shapes these same beams.

Our work is performed in New York by a highly experienced team of Radiation Oncologists. This article discusses the benefits in brief.

Please visit our before and after visual Body Radiosurgery gallery. For more information about non-invasive cancer treatment , please visit or email Dr. Gil Lederman at Gil.Lederman@RSNY.ORG


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