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The Bottom Line

The Super Sport System looks like a good tool for swimmers and swim coaches. The swim workout planning system will help swimmers maximize their chances of achieving their swimming goals. It uses well-researched exercise science principles along with each swimmer's individual parameters to design long-range swim training plans, seasonal swimming training plans, weekly swimmer's training plans, and individual swim workouts that will help any level of swimmer reach their swimming goals.
  • Workout system generates daily workout schedule cutomized for any swimmer
  • Current swim training is based on past results and present levels of fitness
  • Looks at short-term and long-term swimmer development
  • Downloads to Hy-tek Software Available
  • Price may be prohibitive to some swimmers, swim teams or swim coaches
  • Most of the coaching system choices requires an internet connection (online vs. off-line)
  • Might not offer enough flexibility for some busy athletes


  • Uses advanced sport science principles to assist swimmers and coaches design potent workout plans
  • Well-defined workout parameters including target paces
  • Modules for swimmers, runners, cyclists, triathletes, and rowers
  • Free two-week trial of the workout planing system

Guide Review - 3S Super Sport Coaching System for Swimmers and other Athletes

The Super Sport System offers an easy to use on-line system for coaches, swimmers (and other athletes - runners, cyclists, triathletes, and rowers) to prepare their training plans. Users can set-up teams (sets of athletes) or individual athletes, then follow the step-by-step directions that use current levels of fitness, past performances, and projected goals to put together a training plan to move the swimmer from where they are now to where they want to be.

The system takes age and reasonable expectations into account. You cannot go from a 1-minute 100-meter freestyle swimmer to a 47-second 100-meter freestyler in two months - and you may never be able to go that fast. The system uses your progress to update future training, adapting to your individual results as you progress.

One interesting feature is the "Result Progression Chart" that shows an expected progression from current ability or race results to future results. It demonstrates the nature of adaptation and training cycles, with varying rates of improvement based on the type of training being done at different times of the year.

I recommend swimmers and coaches take a look at the 3S - Super Sport System. It might give you or your athletes the training edge that will help them achieve their swimming potential.

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